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Building Technology On The Foundation of Understanding Humans

The digital product design and development company powering the nation's best user experiences
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Software Development
Product Design & Analytics

Dexwin is an end-to-end digital product development agency with a focus on delivering usable products that solve problems. We specialize in Product Design and Software development. Our processes revolve around ensuring that users easily reach their intended goals when they engage with the products we create.
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Usability . Data . Research . Engineering

About Us

Our Process . A Snapshot

Analytics.Data Collection

Data means everything. The first stage of work is to understand as much as possible the task at hand by gathering as much data as possible from users etc.

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  • Observe the trends and patterns of the data collected
  • Using data and analysis to determine the next steps to reaching the outcomes


  • Document everything we do in straightforward methods that enable us to retrace our steps! We believe in relevance not verbosity  

Structure Placement. Plan Outline  

This is the stage at which we outline steps necessary for work. Delivering in an agile manner to contain possible errors 


  • We put everything we have learned into action in an incremental manner



  • Delivering results in an incremental manner to envisage outcomes to enable change of direction if we are not achieving our goals with the current strategy
How we work

Case Studies

Case Studies
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